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Casting Director Terry Berland - Wrap-up!

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Renowned Casting Director Terry Berland Shares Insights on Casting and Bringing an Emotional Point of View

In her recent VO Peeps workshop, Casting Director Terry Berland stressed the importance of capturing a specific perspective in voiceover reads, as those are the ones that truly leave a lasting impact. She emphasized the need for voice actors to have a clear understanding of their own brand and identity, allowing them to fully embrace and convey their unique emotional essence. She encouraged actors to align their performances with the desired emotion of the script and also highlighted the significance of creating natural pauses and transitions within commercials, giving them a vibrant and authentic feel. When working one-on-one with Terry, voice actors were urged not to rush through their lines and instead relish the "lusciousness of each scene". Additionally, she emphasized the importance of maintaining the energy of radio reads in TV spots, striking a balance between brightness and gentleness.

Words of Wisdom:

“When I hear a very specific point of view, those are the reads that stick out.” - Terry Berland
"Don’t be afraid to slow down and enjoy the lusciousness in a scene. Nerves may make you speed up a bit, but be aware." - Terry Berland
"Figure out what the emotional point of view is. Know yourself, your brand very clearly and be able to embrace that." - Terry Berland

Peeps are saying:

The workout group with Terry Berland was inspirational. To get the opportunity to perform a script for Terry was amazing, her direction, re-direction & appraisal was priceless. I learned so much with my performance, but being able to watch all the other participants doing theirs also, was truly educational. Thank you Anne , Dianna, Bonnie & all at VO Peeps, and a special word of gratitude to the wonderful Terry Berland for her wisdom & knowledge and for sharing some of her precious time with us...... with the time difference I participated in the workshop at 1-3am BST, but it was so worth it, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. - Mark C. "This session has been a privilege. I’ve learned so much….And I know what she expects, needs,….and I’m now ALWAYS going with my gut…” - Jane Beverley

Video Replay

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Upcoming Events

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VO Peeps is proud to present this remote dubbing hands-on workshop with Fannie & Max aimed at voice actors with an acting background. The craft of dubbing is in high demand and this course will teach you the craft using a technique that is being used right now. This workshop is the perfect follow-up to our webinar with Fannie & Max, but voice actors familiar with the Rythmo Band method may sign up without attending the webinar.


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