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Event Wrap-up: Agent Workout w/Pat Brady

screen capture of event zoom

Legendary Agent Pat Brady joined the VO Peeps this February

In this workout, Pat Brady brought over four decades of experience as a major market voiceover agent and shared her amazing wisdom and insightful critiques. Pat taught us to have levels, options, and energy when doing voiceover for animation! We learned about the top agencies for animation in the LA market, and how to make the most of a video game and animation career while living anywhere! Pat gave us tips on how to put our best foot forward when reaching out to prospective agents and tips on how to impress directors.

Words of Wisdom:

“Energy and volume need to be UP! There’s no such thing as a shy voice actor.” - Pat
“When doing voiceover for animation, you need to have levels, options, and energy!” - Pat
"When you mess up a word, pause, go back, and pick up the line. This makes it possible for the editor to take it out." - Pat

Peeps Are Saying...

"Geeking out right now. The Agent Workout with Pat Brady was fantastic! She was insightful, encouraging, and FUN! Great group of talent and a really wonderful way to learn from each other. Thank you, Anne!" - Jen Tophoney "What a great session, tonite! Everyone is SO talented…so much learning!" - Ellen Van Treuren Richards

Video Replay

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